Having opened a carefully kept book of memories, the artist directly shapes sets of impressions and feelings into a sort of memory collages. With a delicate artistic skill and sensibility, Tatjana Politeo creates collage records attempting to visualize invisible and inexhaustible threads that connect people – fine lines interweaving our beings and create an inextricable network of common existence. The multiple layers and diversity of human relationships and life spans make the artist merge with a variety of materials starting with black-and-white photographs from old magazines – grandmother’s Burda magazines from the 60s. In the central scene we find motives of young women, friends, life partners, mothers with children and other situational photographs interpolated within lace and floral pattern fabric, sewing threads, fragments of personal notes from notebooks…


TEHNIQUE: mixed media on canvas
(acrylic, collage, red thread, mortar, glass dye)

YEAR: 2010.