roads of the future

Tatjana Politeo’s roads of the future are real roads, but they are not realistic roads. They are noisy roads defined by pulsating signalization that dissolves into idiosyncratic expressionism. An extraordinary expression of Tatjana Politeo’s colour and brush movement comes from ambivalence of given and gestural, is exact and free from figurative guidelines and narrations. The gesturality of her paintings is simply explained as an unparalleled, distinctive freedom of concept interpretation that the painter elaborates in the image base. The artist’s task and obviously her fascination are roads. But to interpret such an environment, the environment of flow means to move away from the given, means to reach spontaneously for the rhythmic form. Thus following from picture to picture the infinite rhythm of flow the artist reaches the original, pulsating reality, the reality that encompasses the future, relativizing what we call the flow of time. What remains is only the flow in space.


TEHNIQUE: mixed media on canvas
(acrylic, acrylic paste, glass dyes, graphite, buttons)

YEAR: 2003.