glass stories

Tatjana Politeo’s windows provide a glimpse into the world of glass stories – one window represents one fragment of life. Through five thematic blocks – architecture and design, people and situations, fashion and nature and insects and birds – the author interprets the immediate sketches of life. The process of creating art works is extremely spontaneous. The artist creates a composition on-site without prior plan or elaboration guided by a natural sense for meaningful shaping of the whole and the content richness of the chosen motif. The result is a multifaceted story based on interweavement of pictures, texts, titles, details and colours. The final step is laminating the glass – an uncertain process that gives the final seal to the formatted content. Glass represents a membrane that connects i.e. “captures” a single story by giving it a third dimension – a look at …, a look through …, while refraction of light highlights the climax of each single story. Glass is the key segment that resonates life.


TECHNIQUE:laminating (thermal processing of two glass surfaces covered in vinyl foils and melted together into one unit), addition of collage and acrylic colours

YEAR: 2016.