roads of the future 2

The roads escape the boundaries of painting base; they disappear into the perception of the observer, twistingly, seductively, unexpectedly and shockingly sudden. The road is a symbol of pulsation of primary life energy and life streams. It is revealed in Tatjana’s paintings as a metaphor of positive life force which logically continues and achieves its time dimension and time aspect in the future. The richly crafted painting surface speaks of the heritage of some of the best painters’ minds of world painting, more specifically, it speaks of sharing common sensibility. “Roads of the Future 2” is a precise probe of the temperament and character of the artist, as well as the adopted and recognized far-off edges of 20th century painting.


TEHNIQUE: mixed media on canvas
(acrylic, collage, acrylic paste, old letters, glass dyes, mortar)

YEAR: 2004.