space traveller

In each painting there is often and many times a friendly “bell-shaped” alien who “travels” around space vastness. The usual visual artefacts unambiguously suggest a journey with which travellers, albeit terrestrial, constantly meet: different kind of vehicles, road lines or petrol stations. Of course, there are also planets as a reminder that our traveller is still moving around the universe. Tatjana’s images are extremely complex looking from the point of view of composition. Different painter’s gestures, spot-picking for collage elements, coexistence of texts with stained-coloured painted surfaces, or the use of the words we come across here and then (it should be emphasized that even the painter’s signature is an equal part of the composition) give the impression of chaos. When we perceive all of this as a composition, it can manifest chaos, but it is only a conditionally understood chaos that we by no means see as a visual anomaly. On the contrary, it is extremely powerful to look at stimulating and dynamic compositions with an abundance of interesting details and artistic silhouettes set in strange interdependencies.


TEHNIQUE: mixed media on canvas
(acrylic, spray, mortar, acrylic paste, glass dyes)

YEAR: 2007.